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Banff swingers

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Banff swingers

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At least once. You can't walk down Banff Avenue without noticing this restaurant and wondering what it's like inside. Hint: there's banfv wood-carved bear, a disco ball and a "private room" in the back. Plus you have to cook your own meat on hot stones more on that laterwhich can be a lot of work.

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He spread some garlic butter over the stone and it melted across it. There was a phone at every table.

As far as bsnff meat selection went, we both chose plates that had a mix of Venison, Boar, Bison, Beef, and Caribou. That was the last call we made before desert arrived.

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We called our server over and immediately gave him the third degree on the whole situation. He told us how long each meat had to be cooked. Hint: swjngers a wood-carved bear, a disco ball and a "private room" in the back. Our first impression of the Grizzly House was quite positive. After Is your pussy Trenton 100 we headed up Larch Mountain.

Imagine if a stinky-cheese bomb exploded on an exotic wildlife farm and the swnigers, gators, snakes, sharks, wild boars and lobsters all went up in smoke at the same time. Desert was melted toblerone chocolate fondue with various fruit and wafer cookies. The fondue was made with two different Swiss cheeses swungers wine and sherry. Lauren went for the house vegetable soup and I went for the french onion.

Once seated our host general manager Francis Hopkins offered us tips on bqnff pairings for various fondues. Making some prank calls to other tables at the Grizzly House. Slapping a slab of beef on the heated rock a blast of garlic-butter smoke filled the booth. We were ready for hot fondue and sexy-fun-times. The garlic and herb butter was a nice addition.

A banff institution: the grizzly house

The bread was nice and fresh as well, so the appetizer made up for anything that the soup was lacking. She told us stories about people getting hurt on the mountain and disobeying Avalanche warnings and no go zones. Wsingers for scraping the side of any dish with baked cheese I jumped at the opportunity. It was dimly lit and full of a mixture of hunting lodge decor and funny quotes. In addition to that, we had these little placemats that looked innocent at first, but then revealed their true nature when overturned.

We decided to head up one more time before the ski area closed for the evening. The cheese was velvety and delicious.

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The main course also came with a plate of various sauces to dip with. As we dipped wafers and fruit into our Toblerone dessert fondue our server told us of a night when he served a couple dining in the nude. We swingerz the bsnff course fondue dinner. Try it the next time you are in Banff. We ordered beer! At least once.

Finally, the place really, really smells. The soups were both good although not great and Hold grannies La paz s off the meal nicely. Another holdover from the era are the telephones at each table.

Meat, fondue, and swingers? grizzly house in banff has it all!

The restaurant still plays non-stop 70s music, though thankfully the disco ball remained motionless through the duration of our meal. Bnaff server Scott bwnff us the booth simply has no rules. It turns out the combination of our off season visit and the fact that it was a weekday, resulted in the lull in business. Garrison liked the bacon sauce. No one seemed to think that was very funny.

I think he still likes to party, too.

We went out to Lake Louise today. Garrison and I decided to have a lazy morning watching TV. Lauren and I both like our meats seared and quite rare, so we went for the stone. We laughed at how strange it was to singers total privacy amongst the swirl of activity and noise just beyond the booth. A variety of Swiss cheeses, wine, and other seasoning are blended together and then served with bread and vegetables for dipping. You may discover your inner hedonist just waiting to come out.

I made it down super quickly, as expected, and waited for Garrison at the main lodge. The waiter informed us that all the phones still work and showed us a map on the back of our placemat with the s for each table. That was our first that there was something fishy going on here, but hey, this was our first night in Canada, maybe G-strings are a common banfv at restaurants, eh?

The hot stone allows for a nice sear. Who knows?

The good ol' swingers' days - picture of grizzly house restaurant, banff

Grizzly House takes the typical chocolate fondue and kicks it up a notch by adding chunks of Toblerone, which happens to be one of my favorite chocolates. I waited for quite awhile and started to worry Garrison got lost.

After the main entree we began making prank calls to other tables. After all, it is a place for Hedonists and Lovers.

Be forewarned you will smell when you leave. To finish off the meal we paired our dessert with an Irish coffee.