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Dr bj salon

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Dr bj salon

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I sourced the net and gotten a list of BJ Bars, along with their recommendations and reviews. I decided to go along and visited one of the more well-known BJ Bars that had quite a few decent ratings jb the net, Dr. BJ's Salon. BJ was situated on right corner towards the end of the alleyway.

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Nurses and Consultants, which are easy to differentiate by the clothing they wear. BJ's Salon. Has a demure personality. The difference in both were due to their skills in BBBJ, the WLs can also be seen wearing an alphabet tag individually.

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Take out: All our ladies can be taken out for the night. I went ahead a picked one of the "Consultant" who looked rather cute, proceeded to the counter and also ordered a bottle of Heineken, paid and went upstairs.

If you request it most will make sure they get the spunk in their mouth. She has a quiet exterior but is actually lively and outgoing.

No time wasters please. Her preferences are modest drinking in either bar's or aalon and karaoke. She has amazing experience cute looks and all around knows what she is going.

Dr bj salon promo!

They contain a leather chair that has seen better days saoln a salon style sink where the girl will wash your dick and balls rather than the British Columbia 32 on your head. Wood Bar recommendation level 8. Rotated Salon Booth System?

Whether or not you like that is a matter of taste I guess. Super nice to talk to, always has a smile on her face whn she gets chosen. Inside there are even more women.

For my person tastes, I do not go for the slim types, not Interracial discreet sex style but I can tell you, she is so cute so small and so slim, she in my opinion is pretty. Fully stocked clean bar, well lit bright surroundings, Perfect location, 30 second walking distance of Nana BTS and the same side of the Sukhumvit road to Soi cowboy, which can bn walked to within 10 minutes.

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Wood bar recommendation level: 8. Sometimes ladies that work sxlon the industry for a long time get a type of style about the way they talk and walk and you can see she is almost getting it.

Very low level of English so not recommended for VIP room or take out unless you speak thai. Description: Lady has worked in this building since the start.

Aalon is actually in real life a quite shy person but we have been told all that goes away once in the room. Always manages to smile and has been popular with customers since she started.

If you wish to take more than one lady, then pricing of course is x2 for two ladies and x3 for three ladies etc. Service wise has had no issues, has repeat customers, always has a smile on her face, one of the bbj smart smiles, not a crazy grin.

We do it, with a bit class? She can work with men and women. This is another story, as like 3 or 4 of our ladies, if you er to see her and her friend that came with her, booking ahead really makes sense.

Description: Despite being a quiet person she is one of our busiest ladies. The women line up on the other side with the exception of those above you on the balcony trying to get your attention. Full of fun full beans to everyone and all. Oh well what are you going do? Without further ado both of us entered the Salon, we sat while the WLs came in and lined up in a row, there were 2 groups of WLs working in the Salon prices varies for both groups.

Review of dr bj’s salon in bangkok, thailand

Been with us since near the start. Meaning, no matter your type, she she is cute. Some are much better than others of course and in the end it all depends on what you like.

Pindamonhangaba horny local woman There are usually a dozen or two on the main floor and several more on the balcony above. I can say not only that but she is very very very friendly as in locally and to the other staff and to us. Kudos to them for that and for keeping the place clean. She does that once before she sucks you off and once again after you blow your wad.

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She may not be the best looking lady we have at the Spa but through her commitment to customer satisfaction she is one of the best All women Happy Valentine providers working for us. I think the women upstairs are taking naps in between customers but they usually wake up when the mamasan gives the al that a customer has arrived. Medium sized breasts Description: Good level of spoken English.

I sipped on the bottle of beer while she began with her services, she knelt on a small cushion pad while stripping her top, exposing her pair of lovely knockers.

The bar dr bj's salon at thailand, bangkok, thnnsukhumwith ch`y7/1, /31

From the second she walked in the door, she jumped to gj 5 lady sometimes 1 lady. She undid the bottom half of my clothings and brought me towards the washing sink where I am required to stand towards it, she then washed my lil bro with soap and cleaned me up before asking me to take a sit on the couch. Related Posts.