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Land of milk and honey anr

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Land of milk and honey anr

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This site is our detour to our new location at giftofmilk. We are still the same group, only under a different name. Land of Milk and Honey Original is an og effort to detour our community to our new website location and our long standing message board which has continued to serve our community even through the technical difficulties we have experienced earlier this year.

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The purpose of this site is to help funnel our followers to our main site here at Gift of Milk. If we are unable to make contact we will move forward with posting. He retrieved the book he had dropped and stood up before me.

We look forward to what is to come for both Gift of Milk and our established Land of Milk and Honey message board. Once again he came around and opened my door.

I reached up to beat him to it. The contents herein are of an artistic, educational, and social nature. By venturing further into this site, mikl confirm that you are 18 years of age or older,that you consent to viewing any adult-oriented material, and that the viewing of same does not violate the legal standards of your community.

Again my mind soared into bliss and I strained at my bonds. There is something both noble and humble about lactation that is so sadly under-appreciated in our modern society.


But the smell of strawberries as we started into his livingroom was too much for me. It was arn that he was interested in me. This was the cue I was waiting for.

The feminine form is nothing to be ashamed of. But going from carnal ecstasy to slapping pavement with my hind quarters puts me right off.

The land of milk and honey

Gift of Milk has already merged with the original Land of Milk and Honey forum on Runboardthe same forum that was established in long before the site went down. Gift of Milk also has other articles of interest which were on our former site. This time I let him up. Before long I was pulling at my wrists and ankles, my body slowly undulating in erotic passions.

When a couple can share something so vulnerable and unique with one another, and when they can rely on one another to maintain the practice and protect one another from outside criticism, how could their bond do anything but become tighter? Ar may consult the sponsoring registrar's Whois database to view the registrar's reported date of expiration for this registration.

A little history:

I gasped. Not so for other parents, or teachers, coaches, librarians… etc. His hands stroked up and down the insides of my thighs, but always stopped short of my most sensative area. Every drop of honey on my body was slowly sliding over my curves… and leaving a trail of tingles as it went.

I was impressed. Now I enjoy making food almost as much as eating it.

Trevor knew what he was talking about. Then, with great skill, he slipped his legs under mine so that he straddled the bench with my thighs spread to either side of his torso.

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I managed to get my blouse to a respectable state which for me is just short of illegal as I passed a smallish coffee shop aka used bookstore called the Blue Duck. Thank you! or

The contraption that I was to be tied to looked more like a lounge than a chair and was padded with vinyl cusions. I needed food. I think I could stand that. There must be some link between sex and food, and I mean more than working up an appetite. On our site, we attempt to breakdown the taboo and initiate conversation about what it means for a woman to be able to share such an intimate act with her partner.

Adult nursing relationships

I wanted to hold his mouth to me, wrap my thighs around his body and pull him further into me. Welcome to the world of ANR. Lust is an oand thing. So much for the party.

We turned and looked at each other for almost three long seconds.