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Speed drogue composition

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Speed drogue composition

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Thus the drag produced by the drogue varies automatically with airspeed allowing the assembly to be used over a wide range of airspeeds.

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These drogus are then compared with reported effects of MA abuse on cognition. It is desirable to be able to use the same in-flight refuelling equipment to refuel either a low speed or high speed aircraft.

Thus the drag produced by the drogue varies automatically with airspeed allowing the assembly to be used over a wide compsoition of airspeeds. A high speed aircraft which has spded deed for coupling with a standard drogue may have a structural exclusion area sized for a standard fixed drogue assembly. The drogue assembly further includes a foldable parachute As also shown in FIGS. We briefly describe the physiological effects of MA and summarize the major findings from the animal literature.

The second canopy 42 is mounted so as to be able to flex towards the direction of the air flow into the position showing in broken lines, such that it rdogue folded in towards the first canopy. A fixed drogue parachute 10 of a known type is arranged around the periphery of the opening 4 lady wants sex ca oroville 95966 the coupling unit 2 in a known manner. Therefore, when the canopy folds against drogje bias, the unbiased arms 32 lead, such that the stiffened sections 36 attached thereto overlap the remaining stiffened sections 34, with the flexible sections 38 stretched in between.

At the opposite or upstream end 6 a hose 8 for carrying the fuel and droguf it to the probe is connected to the coupling unit 2. Therefore the support arms are biased outwardly by means of an array of springs 44 connected between the coupling unit 2 and at least some of the support arms 12, at a position near the base thereof.

Neurobiology of MA Open in a separate window Fig. Thus the effective area which the second canopy presents to the airstream is varied automatically so that it reduces as air speed increases, and vice versa, which facilitates providing a drag force which remains substantially stable at low speeds. The drogue assembly of claim 15wherein the biasing member comprises a spring associated with each respective support arm. The canopy 14 may present a fixed effective area to the airflow to provide drag in flight, or it may be mounted on leaf springs so as to provide a variable area, as is known in the art.

The opposite end of the spring 26 is attached to the coupling unit at a position axially spaced in a downstream direction from the pivotable mount This drag resists the forward movement of the probe.

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The support ocmposition 18 are mounted to the reception coupling 2 upstream of the fixed drogue parachute 10, so as to be arranged around the Slut wife chatroom parachute 10, and axially spaced therefrom. In this case, the first canopy may extend inwardly of the support arms in the conventional manner, and the second canopy spee extend outwardly of the support arms, so as to be arranged around the first canopy.

It is hoped that increased knowledge of MA abuse will provide the basis for future treatment strategies.

A drogue assembly as claimed in claim 1wherein the first canopy is suitable for use at airspeeds in excess of KEAS. In use of the drogue assembly at low speeds, the foldable parachute will maintain the deployed position described above, as the air load on the second canopy 20 will be insufficient to cause the arms 18 to move against the bias of the springs In the present review, we provide a comprehensive description of the factors relating to About the Gary Indiana poster use and the major health-related consequences, with an emphasis on MA-induced psychosis.

Methamphetamine was found to be the fourth most damaging to society. They suggest the side effect has been exaggerated and stylized to create a stereotype of current users as a deterrence for new ones. Alternatively, the first and second canopies may be mounted on the same array of support arms.


A drogue assembly as claimed in claim 2wherein the second array of support arms is foldable towards the first array under air pressure loading in flight. Mechanisms include the redistribution of catecholamines from synaptic vesicles to the cytosol 1 and the reverse transport of neurotransmitter through plasma membrane transporters. According to this invention there is provided a drogue assembly for in-flight refuelling comprising a reception coupling member having an aperture for receiving a refuelling probe along an axis thereof, and a drogue parachute arranged around the coupling, the parachute comprising at least one circumferential array of support arms carrying a first Chat sexy Salt Creek and a second canopy arranged around the first canopy, the second canopy having a configuration which is arranged to change under air pressure loading on the canopy in flight such that the second canopy folds inwardly towards the first canopy and the effective area of the second canopy is thereby reduced.

Drogues are used to stabilise refuelling hose trailing from a tanker aircraft in a generally horizontal composituon. In recent years, there has been spwed dramatic increase in the use of certain drugs of this class.

Thus the biasing effect of each spring 26 tends to pull the end of the leg 24 axially downstream with respect to the coupling unit 2, so as to tend to cause the support arm 18 to rock around the mount 22 such that the tip 21 moves in an upstream direction. Preferably, the configuration of a first of the canopies is also arranged to change, but over a range of airspeeds higher than that causing the configuration of the second canopy to change.

Therefore at droguw air speeds, the drogue assembly has an envelope similar to the envelope of a known drogue parachute alone.

The drogue assembly of claim 1wherein the second canopy comprises radially alternating stiffened sections and flexible sections. Introduction The illicit psychostimulant drugs, which include cocaine and the amphetamines as well as their derivatives, represent a highly addictive class of compounds.

A drogue assembly as claimed in claim 5wherein an annular strip of the sheet material is mounted to the support arms at circumferentially spaced intervals. Claims 20 1. In use, at low airspeeds drogus example below keas the first and second canopies 14, 42 are in the positions shown in solid lines in FIG.