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The o zone etobicoke, on

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The o zone etobicoke, on

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O-Zone is a passable club, with some very cool features, and some real drawbacks. The atmosphere of the club is horribly tacky. It is a reflection of the owner's taste, and borders on trailer trash.

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It may mean modifying your activities, but your relationship together is not worth jeopardizing over swinging. We stock many brands of beer, coolers and liquor, plus Top Shelf brands for our more discerning clientele. Ball caps, beach shorts and sandals are not allowed. This makes others uncomfortable and nervous.

Hours of operation

Respect the guidelines and limits of others. Specialty cocktails are created regularly to match our theme nights. Themed events held every weekend attract couples from across Canada and the US seeking a classy yet comfortable space and exciting atmosphere where they can explore their wild side together or with others. Singles While we are a Couples Club and deed for couples specifically, single ladies are always welcome, etobcoke at a discounted rate.

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Arrive together, take time to make them feel special and touch base tue, as these little steps help make one feel secure in their relationship. The attempts at themes are half-hearted at best, but at times, the games tue be fun if people participate. Move on. Open, honest communication is imperative to forming relationships. For special events like NYE, special hours are indicated in the event details. Honor any and all prior understandings and rules you have between you and your partner, and be sure to communicate with Erotic chat Hanley Swan other openly and honestly.

Always let your primary partner know they are One. Be kind, thoughtful, and sensitive.

If you want class go to X. If you are caught breaking this rule you will be banned for life from the club. Many guests enjoy dressing up or costuming in theme, but that is never a requirement.

Watch our upcoming events for fun and titillating theme nights. When there is a large crowd, the club can be lots of fun. Dress Aone We want all attendees at our events to feel comfortable and sexy, and to look around and see other couples who together create a sexy atmosphere. Respect the guidelines you set as a couple when attending an event and communicate them to prospective partners. Never, ever discuss details of The O Zone or what you have seen here once you leave.

Playing with, touching or kissing someone at one point does not mean you can do so again at a later date. Arrive together, depart together.

No photography, including cell phones, inside the club! It is a reflection of the owner's taste, and borders on trailer trash.

Dress pants or deer jeans and a collared, button down shirt is the norm. O Zone Etiquette and Dealing with Jealousy Use your common sense and good judgment when you are involved in a swinging situation.

Drinks The O Zone is fully d and our friendly and knowledgeable bartenders are ready to mix a special drink for you! Jealousy is a normal reaction and quite natural. There is l to communication than words. Deal with it head on.

About the o zone

Everything you do, everything you see, must remain private. Gents, Dress to Impress! Always treat others with respect at The O Zone.

If you want to hang with those who just want to be looked at go to Wicked. Most of the theme rooms consist of some sort of twist ie. zoen

etobicokf After all, this is a party! Saturday evenings are reserved for couples and single ladies only. If you are rejected, which happens to everyone, do not take it personally. Bar closes at 2am and playrooms are expected to be vacated before 3am.

The DJ has been replaced, and the new one has a better sense of what the crowd wants to listen and dance to. Oo attention to body language. If you want to party, go to O-Zone on a busy night. With over 10, square feet of sexy, upscale amenities, The O Zone is deed especially for adventurous couples and single ladies. Attempts to bar fuglies from the club have failed miserably, and in an attempt to make the club feel crowded every shape and size is let in.

Languages spoken

Each encounter should be freshly negotiated. Dressing casually does not contribute to that vibe, so our dress code is basically, Dress to Impress!

And always leave The O Zone erobicoke. There are lockers, and the back is d so alcohol is permitted. Discover what triggers jealousy in your relationship and work it out together.

Whatever makes you feel sexy.